Turtle Workshop

The Second Annual Workshop on Sea Turtle Research and Conservation in the Hawaiian Islands and Oceania took place at Hawaii Pacific University on Friday April 8.  Laura Jim and Marc Rice, along with two stuents, Alden Mazo and Eli Mellon got up really early on Friday to catch a flight to Oahu to attend the workshop.  The students were presenting their research in the form of Posters and Laura Jim and Marc Rice were making oral presentations.  Laura Jim’s talk was titled “Growth rates of green turtles in West Hawaii based on 30 years of tag and recapture studies” and Marc Rice’s talk was titled, “Destination revealed: Post nesting migrations of hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) from Moso Island, Republic of Vanuatu”-   Click this link to see a list of all presentations!

The students poster presentations were “Habitat use assessment of green turtles in Puako, Hawaii” by Alden Mazo and “Establishing a Facial Recognition Database With Interactive Individual Identification System (I3S)” by Eli Monello.

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