2nd Annual Workshop on Sea Turtle Research in the Hawaiian Island and Oceania
Speakers List

ARRIVAL:  800-830am- Arrival at HPU Aloha Tower Marketplace Campus, Sign-In, and Seating.

OPENING:  830-845am- Opening Welcome by Workshop Organizers, Dedication of Workshop to the Memory of Shandell Brunson Hawaiian Blessing Ceremony Pule and Oli by Kahu Hanai Danny Akaka Jr. accompanied by Anna Akaka.


#1- 845-900am “Malama Honu..Malama Honua: As we care for our turtles, we care for the world”- Pi’i Laeha & Danny Akaka Jr., Mauna Lani Auberge Resort.

#2- 900-915am “Four decades of green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) breeding and public outreach at Sea Life Park Hawaii”- Bethany Doescher & Michelle Benedict, Sea Life Park Hawaii.

#3- 915-930am “NOAA Fishery Service Pacific Islands Regional overview”- Irene Kelly, Pacific Islands Regional Office.

#4- 930-945am- “Quantifying harm to sea turtles from ingested plastics”- Katherine Shaw & Jennifer Lynch, NIST and Hawaii Pacific University’s Center for Marine Debris Research.

#5- 945-1000am- “Interactions of marine turtles with fisheries on the Island of Maui”- Thomas Cutt, MOC Marine Institute.

Morning Break- 1000-1015am

#6- 1015-1030am- “Destination revealed: Post nesting migrations of hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) from Moso Island, Republic of Vanuatu”- Marc R. Rice, Hawaii Preparatory Academy.

#7- Recorded & Virtual Hybrid- 1030-1045am- “An Introduction to The Statewide Photo-ID Catalog for Hawaiian Hawksbill Sea Turtles (1998-present)”- Cheryl King, Hawaiian Hawksbill Conservation.

#8- 1045-1100am “Native Hawaiian cultural and traditional practices of honu harvest: Opportunities and challenges to restoring a cultural right to a traditional food source”- Godfrey Akaka, Native Hawaiian Gathering Rights Association & Joshua DeMello, Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council.

#9- 1100-1115am- “What’s on the menu? Unexpected forage plants in green turtle diets on Hawai’i Island”- Karla McDermid & Kara Smith, Marine Science Department, University of Hawaii at Hilo.

#10- 1115-1130am- “Hawaiian cultural relationships with limu and honu”- Wally Ito, Ewa Limu Project.

Lunch, Group Photo & Viewing of Poster Papers with Student Authors- 1130am-1230pm

#11- 1230-1245pm- “Growth rates of green turtles in West Hawaii based on 30 years of tag and recapture studies”- Laura M.R. Jim, Hawaii Preparatory Academy.

#12- 1245-100pm- “Honu’ea and Ka’u Coast”- Kelleigh Downs, HVNP Hawai’i Island Hawksbill Project.

#13- 100-115pm- “Status and trends of honu, or green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas), in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument”- Marylou Staman, NOAA Fisheries, PIFSC Marine Turtle Biology and Assessment Program.

*#14 Virtual Live from Mexico- 115-130pm- “People and sea turtles in Baja California: cultural practices and connections across the Pacific”- Michelle Maria Early Capistran, CICESE.

*#15 Virtual Live from Fiji- 130-145pm- “Hawksbill turtles in Fiji: Research and findings”- Shritika Prakash, The University of the South Pacific.

*#16 Virtual Live from Apia, Samoa- 145-200pm- “Turtle research and monitoring: TREDS (Turtle Research and Monitoring Database System)”- Unity Roebeck, SPREP.

*#17 Virtual Live from California- 200-215pm- “Small turtle, Big ocean: Dynamic thermal corridor connects loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) across the North Pacific”- Larry Crowder & Team, Stanford University.

Afternoon Break- 215-230pm

#18- 230-245pm- “New insights into the nesting trends, threats, and social behaviors of Hawaiian hawksbill sea turtles”- Alexander Gaos, NOAA Fisheries, PIFSC Marine Turtle Biology and Assessment Program.

#19- 245-300pm- “Using stable isotopes and satellite tracking on post-nesting green turtles in Guam to identify foraging hotspots in the Western Pacific”- Josefa Munoz, University of Hawai’i at Manoa.

#20- 300-315pm- “Spatial ecology of foraging green and hawksbill turtles in the Marianas from >100 satellite tags”- Summer Martin, NOAA Fisheries, PIFSC Marine Turtle Biology and Assessment Program.

315-400pm- Group Discussion/Questions & Answers

400pm Closing Remarks– Farewell Until We Meet Again in 2023!


“Habitat use assessment of green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Puakō, Hawai’i”- Student Alden Mazo, Hawaii Preparatory Academy.

“Establishing a facial recognition database using I3S (Interactive Individual Identification System) application”- Student Eli Monello, Hawaii Preparatory Academy.

Workshop Organizing Committee:

Brenda Jensen, Hawai`i Pacific University

Summer Martin, NOAA PIFSC

Thierry Work, USGS NWHC

George Balazs, www.GeorgeHBalazs.com

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