Reporting sick, injured or dead sea turtles

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Sea Turtle Rescue Hotline

The Hawaii Preparatory Academy operates a sea turtle rescue hotline through which we respond to calls along the leeward coast regarding sick, injured or dead sea turtles. Marc Rice, Laura Jim and student volunteers respond whenever a call is received at the hotline (881 4200). Sick or injured turtles, once they are found and secured, are evaluated through consultation with a NOAA veterinarian and appropriate actiions are taken. Appropriate action can be anything from solving the issue on site, to placing the animal in an animal carrier and shipping it to Oahu or Maui for evaluation and treatment. If the turtle is dead, it is placed in a freezer at HPA and later shipped to Oahu for necropsy to determine, if possible, the cause of death.

For additional numbers and procedures:

Stranding instructions- Hilo Side

Stranding instructions-Kona Side

Stranding Responses by the HPA Sea Turtle Rescue Team