Library Display

Marine Studies program
Public outreach

Hawaii State Library System’s 2022 summer reading program theme is Oceans of Possibilities. “In partnership with NOAA, our Oahu office developed the following themes for June.” 

June 5 – 11:          One Big Ocean
June 12 – 18:        Exploring Coral Reefs and Tide Pools: The Sunlight Zone
June 19 – 25:        Exploring the Deep Ocean: The Twilight and Midnight Zones
June 26 – July 2:   Underwater Volcanoes
HPA Marine Studies Program Leader, Laura Jim, creaded a display that highlights the HPA Sea Turtle Research Program (ATRP), the STRP Stranding Program, HPA student research projects and the wonder of the coral reef organisms we find along our leeward Big Island coast.
In support of these themes, Waimea Thelma Parker Library requested HPA’s Marine Studies Program put up an educational display to be housed at the library in Waimea. The gallery of images below shows the  display which will be up through the month of May.
The gallery of images below shows the HPA Marine Studies display at the library.