On Sepetember 9, 2021, Laura Jim and Marc Rice joined Sandy and Nikki for a two tank boat dive out of Honokohau Harbor.  Our first dive was off of Makalawena.  The visibility was good but a bit murky.  the habitat is made up of large basalt spurs interspersed with sand groves.  Interesting but surprisingly lacking in fish life.  It appears that it is a farily high energy wave area.Our second dive was off of the harbor.  The water was significantly clearer and the fish life more abundant and diverse.  Swimming from the boat out into the boat channel is a nice steady increase in depth up to around 70 feet.  We saw a fairly large tiger shark at the beginning of the dive  at about 30 feet and a smaller one near the end of the dive in about 70 feet of water.

A wonderful day of diving and socializing.

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