Vanuatu 2024

Vanuatu 2024- Satellite tagging project

Above are the tracks of Makala, Vonu e Rao, Vatu Mau and Bule Lapa as of 2/16/2024.

HPA’s Sea Turtle Research Program completed its 5th field season on Moso Island Vanuatu on Jan 13, 2024.  We were able to capture and tag three (3) post nesting hawksbill turtles and they were all safely and harmlessly released and are currently transmitting their locations.

Below is a short video of their trajectories since tagging and up to 2/13/24.  Two of the hawksbills are still in the area off of the nesting beaches and will probably nest again.  The third hawksbill has departed Vanuatu and is likely headed for New Caledonia.

Below, in order, are a video of recent trajectories , a video of an egg laying sequence and a gallery of images from the trip.