Mauna Lani Bay Trip

HONU HEALTH ASSESSMENT At Mauna Lani Bay (10/24/23)

10 HPA STRP students, Laura Jim and Marc Rice  joined Pi’i, Nahoku and Ethan at the Mauna Lani Auberge Resort to capture, tag and health assess honu in the waters fronting the resort properties.  We were able to capture 11 honu and all of them appeared to be in good health.  We had lots of visitors and the students, along with Pi’i’s team fielded many questions and had wonderful positive interactions with them.  

Of the 11 honu worked up during the day, 9 were recaptures and 2 were new captures.  All of the turtles were numbered as part of the NOAA Honu Count project.  Open Honu Count Reporting form.