Hawaii Visitors Bureau Presentation

Friday, 4/29/2022

Several volunteer groups (Cetacean Response Coordinator (NOAA), Coral Reef Aliance and HPA’s Sea Turtle Research Program) Presented their programs to about 40 visitors from around the United States hosted by the Hawaii Visitor’s Bureau.  This was done in part to begin to train travel coordinators to educate their guest (tourists to Hawaii) about how to be good stewards of the environment and culture of Hawaii.  

After the presentations, the whole group spent about 1 hour cleaning up Spencer Beach and the surrounding area.

It was a good effort on everyones part to get the message out there that Hawaii  cannot support uncontrolled tourism and that we all need to do our part to maintain the environment in good condition by being  conscientious visitors who take care of the land, leaving only footprints and taking only pictures.