MLAR 4th grade visit

HPA's 4th Grade visits Malama na Honu Program

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023, HPA’s 4th grade class visited the Mauna Lani Auberge Resort’s fish ponds and the Malama na Honu project to help weigh and measure the captive reared honu on the monthly check-up.  he class arrived around 1000 h, gathered on the lawn near the honu ponds and performed an opening mele (Hole Waimea).  

Afterwards, the class divided into two groups (one to visit the fish ponds and one to visit the honu).  Ethan Sousa guided the pond tours and Pi’i Laeha, Laura Jim and Marc Rice guided the honu work.  Uncle Pi’i started off with a discussion of the history of the 35 year old Malama na Honu program.  

Laura Jim guided each group through the process of  weighing, measuring and recording  data for the two honu currently being raised at MLAR.  After all of the measurements were taken and recorded the students assisted in returning the honu to their home pond.

The day ended with the students enjoying some of Ms. Jim’s lilikoi-lime juice and sharing some of the most memorable moments of their time spent at MLAR.  

We extend a special thanks to Ms. Doi and Mrs. Kalama for bringing their wonderful students to share our love of  honu and the oceans.