Makala’s Home Range

Makala continues to remain in the same area on the southern Great Barrier Reef.  

See Video of her Home Range as of 7/31/23

Makala has remained in her home range habitat on the southern Great Barrier Reef.  The video above highlights Makala’s movements during the time period from 4/2/2023 to 5/26/2023.  The trajectories are depicted as straight lines although the turtle’s actual tracks are usually anything but straight.  After trajectory animation, I have calculated the kernel density utilization distributions for 95% and 50% utilization.  This calculation means that statistically one could expect to find Makala within the boarder of the larger area 95% of the time and within the smaller area 50% of the time.  These areas are quite small and indicates that there is sufficient food for Makala within that small area (95% KUD area = 0.56 sq. km, & 50% KUD area = 0.07 sq. km).

Below are four slides showing Iridium satellite tag locations of Makala in her home range on the southern Great Barrier Reef.  She has a small home range and seems to be particularly fond of two areas where it appears she spends nights resting.

Makala's location on Great Barrier Reef
A closer look at Makala's home range on the Great Barrier Reef
Closer still
You can see where Makala likes to spend a lot of her time- where the positions are clustered
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