There are five species of turtles that can be found in Hawaiian waters. Listed below are their names and where they might be seen around the islands. I have included a link to an exceptional web site produced by some friends which will give you further information on sea turtles. (http://www.turtles.org)

 Chelonia mydas – green turtle (Honu)- found in shallow coastal waters out to a depth of ~20 meters. – http://www.turtles.org/hawgrnd.htm

 Eretmochelys imbricata – hawksbill turtle (Honu ‘Ea)- found in shallow coastal waters – http://turtles.org/hawksd.htm

 Caretta caretta – loggerhead turtle – rarely seen in Hawaiian coastal waters. Generally pelagic in their early years and sometimes observed by fishermen far off shore. http://turtles.org/loggerd.htm

Dermochelys coriacea – leatherback turtle – leads a totally pelagic existance except when nesting. Occassionally observed far at sea by fishing boats. http://turtles.org/leatherd.htm

 Lepidochelys olivacea – olive ridley – only seen in the pelagic environment around Hawaii and occassionally seen by boaters http://northflorida.fws.gov/SeaTurtles/Turtle%20Factsheets/Olive-Ridley-Sea-Turtle.htm