It is the mission of Hawaiʻi Preparatory Academy’s Sea Turtle Research Program to contribute towards the conservation of sea turtles worldwide through education, research, and advocacy, working with students and community members to actualize their passion and commitment to a healthier marine environment.


HPA STRP students and faculty at Kiholo Bay, Hawaii Island after a days work tagging Hawaiian green turtles (honu).

Upcoming Events & AcTivities

The STRP training classes are nearly complete and many students have successfully passed the competency exam.  These students are now eligible to volunteer for any of the trips shown below. For more information contact or   

We are planning our making several field trips during the second semester (assuming that we will be allowed because of Covid).  Below are the locations we would like to work:

Late January (1/25/22) – Mauna Lani Bay

February (2/9/22?)- 22 Puako Beach Road

March (3/2/22?)- Hualalai, Four Seasons

April (4/8/22)-  92 PBR


HPA’S STRP has carried out three trips to the Republic of Vanuatu to satellite tag post-nesting hawksbill turtes in an attempt to better understand the nesting population on Moso Island and learn more about the home foraging grounds of nesters that travel to Moso Island.

See a numbered Turtle? Report it here.